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The scope is well written and acurately describes the structure of SEBoK and its scope. The only issue is Table 2 and Table 3 do not have hot links for the reader to go. I prefer Tables 2 and 3 inserted into the text.

Tom Hilburn

There is overlap with the first two articles in Part 1. I suggest that this section be removed in the final version and scope points 1 through 4 be included in the article "Context and Purpose of the SEBoK". Maybe retitled "Context, Purpose and Scope of the SEBoK".

Garry Roedler: There is really only a single paragraph here and it discusses the guidelines used by the SEBoK team to establish the scope and target audience. It would be better to incorporate this information into the article on the Scope of the SEBoK. Except for the last point, this information provides the decision and direction for the scope of the SEBoK.