Title is misleading - The V is much more a model for how to structure the data produced by the processes

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I am afraid I do not like to see the V model described as a process model. it perpetuates the myth that SE is a waterfall approach, and for many makes the V model seem wrong.

The V model is much more a way to understand how to structure and mature the information produced by Systems Engineering models. It is also unfortunate that amongst the figures you do not show any of Forsberg's views of multiple horizontal lines showing the different levels (you do have the nice figure showing the broadening) - and therefore missing the iteration between the levels, and the vital fact that each element in each level can (if say engineered by a different organisation) be "considered" as a system. I'd recommend the Assurance V from the 2013 paper - Scheithauer, D. and Forsberg, K., 2013, V-Model Views. INCOSE International Symposium, 23:pp502–516. What you have does not show the frequent and necessary iterations between each process in a level (e.g solution iterating with requirements) and continuously between the levels. The point I fail to see is the impoirtant activity that happens in the middle of the V (so you need to explain why the horizontal lines across the whole model are the key aspect