Variety (glossary)

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(1) A measure of the connectivity betwen system elements (Ashby 1956)

(2) Interacting systems stability increases with variety, and with the degree of connectivity of that variety within the environment (Hitchins 2007)


(1) Ashby, W.R. 1956. Introduction to Cybernetics. London, UK; J. Wiley.

(2) Hitchins, D. 2007. Systems Engineering: A 21st Century Systems Methodology. Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley .


(1) Is a cybernetic term used to define the number of available connections between elements, and thus the potential routes for control actions.

(2) Is a systems engineering definition, in which variety of connections between elements is used as a way to increase the stability and potential of a system to achieve is goals. Hitchins refers to this as Connected Variety, and also discussed the limits on this conectivity applied by availability of time, space, resource.

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