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The followoing are review comments from Sanford Friedenthal on August 16, 2011 in response to Nicole's SEBoK Review Request:
{{Review Instructions}}
*Paragraph 2:A couple of issues with the following statement: "The first part is a set of concepts to assist in learning how to think in terms of systems. These principles were previously enumerated in the System Concepts topic."
**There should be an internal link to this System Concepts article. '''(Done Rick A)'''
**The use of the term principles in this sentence (and possible elsewhere in the section) should be replaced by concepts. '''(Done Rick A)'''
**More generally, the concepts referred to in this section do not seem to align very well with all of the concepts in the System Concepts section. '''(some attempt at this, but could be improved further, Rick A)''' 
*The relevance of the system coupling diagram to the systems approach could be made more clear to highllight how the model supports exploring the problem or opportunity  and proceeding through the steps of system analysis, synthesis, and proving.  '''(more discussion on this added at the start of the section.  Should the coupling diagram be in the SEBOK, or simply a reference to it?)'''
*There are no primary references listed in the References Section. '''(Done Rick A)'''
Consider moving some of the text of this topic into the KA introduction, and deleting this topic?
Brian Wells Comments:
While the title of the section is Systems Approach, the article from the first sentence focuses on Systems Thinking.  A specific focus on the Systems Approach is needed.  Systems Thinking material should be used in the Systems Thinking article.
The primary references also focus on Systems Thinking and not the Systems Approach.
'''I have discussed this comment with Brian, and aded some extra text at the top of the KA to explain how we are using systems thinking and systems approach.  (Rick A)'''

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