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Based on the six purposes described in Table 1, there are nine primary types of SEBoK users, that are shown in Table 2 along with example uses of the SEBoK. These users have the technical skills necessary to access and understand the SEBoK. Table 3 shows another three types of secondary users who lack those technical skills and would likely rely on someone who is a primary user type, such as a practicing systems engineer, to help them access and understand the SEBoK. The example uses shown in Tables 2 and 3 are intended to be indicative, but not exhaustive.

Primary SEBoK Users and Common Usages' - (Table Developed for BKCASE)
# Users Uses
1 Practicing SEs ranging from novice up through expert row 1 cell 3
2 Process engineers responsible for defining or implementing SE processes row 2 cell 3
3 Faculty members row 3 cell 3
4 GRCSE authors row 3 cell 3
5 Certifiers row 3 cell 3
6 Managers, other engineers, developers, testers, researchers row 3 cell 3
7 Customers of systems engineers row 3 cell 3
8 SE managers row 3 cell 3
9 SE researchers row 3 cell 3