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== Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge ==
== Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, Part 1 ==
=== version 2.1 ===
=== version 2.3 ===
;Front Matter
;Front Matter
:[[Letter from the Editor]]
:[[Letter from the Editor]]
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:[[Cite the SEBoK]]
:[[Cite the SEBoK]]
:[[Bkcase Wiki:Copyright]]
:[[Bkcase Wiki:Copyright]]
;Table of Contents
:[[SEBoK Table of Contents]]
;Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
;Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
:[[SEBoK Introduction]]
:[[SEBoK Introduction]]
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:[[Introduction to Systems Engineering]]
:[[Introduction to Systems Engineering]]
:[[Systems Engineering Overview]]
:[[Systems Engineering Overview]]
:[[Brief History of Systems Engineering]]
:[[Systems Engineering Principles]]
:[[Economic Value of Systems Engineering]]
:[[Economic Value of Systems Engineering]]
:[[Systems Engineering: Historic and Future Challenges]]
:[[Systems Engineering: Historic and Future Challenges]]
:[[Systems Engineering and Other Disciplines]]
:[[Systems Engineering and Other Disciplines]]
;Knowledge Area: Introduction to Systems Engineering Transformation
:[[Introduction to SE Transformation]]
:[[Transitioning Systems Engineering to a Model-based Discipline]]
:[[Systems Engineering Core Concepts]]
:[[Systems Engineering Core Concepts]]
;Knowledge Area: SEBoK Users and Uses
;Knowledge Area: SEBoK Users and Uses
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:[[Use Case 4: Educators and Researchers]]
:[[Use Case 4: Educators and Researchers]]
:[[Use Case 5: General Managers]]
:[[Use Case 5: General Managers]]
;Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering
:[[Foundations of Systems Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Fundamentals
:[[Systems Fundamentals]]
:[[Introduction to System Fundamentals]]
:[[Types of Systems]]
:[[Fundamentals for Future Systems Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems
:[[Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems]]
:[[Overview of the Systems Approach]]
:[[Engineered System Context]]
:[[Identifying and Understanding Problems and Opportunities]]
:[[Synthesizing Possible Solutions]]
:[[Analysis and Selection between Alternative Solutions]]
:[[Implementing and Proving a Solution]]
:[[Deploying, Using, and Sustaining Systems to Solve Problems]]
:[[Applying the Systems Approach]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Science
:[[Systems Science]]
:[[History of Systems Science]]
:[[Systems Approaches]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Thinking
:[[Systems Thinking]]
:[[What is Systems Thinking?]]
:[[Concepts of Systems Thinking]]
:[[Principles of Systems Thinking]]
:[[Patterns of Systems Thinking]]
;Knowledge Area: Representing Systems with Models
:[[Representing Systems with Models]]
:[[What is a Model?]]
:[[Why Model?]]
:[[Types of Models]]
:[[System Modeling Concepts]]
:[[Integrating Supporting Aspects into System Models]]
:[[Modeling Standards]]
;Part 3: [[Systems Engineering and Management]]
;Knowledge Area: Introduction to Life Cycle Processes
:[[Introduction to Life Cycle Processes]]
:[[Generic Life Cycle Model]]
:[[Applying Life Cycle Processes]]
:[[Life Cycle Processes and Enterprise Need]]
;Knowledge Area: Life Cycle Models
:[[Life Cycle Models]]
:[[System Life Cycle Process Drivers and Choices]]
:[[System Life Cycle Process Models: Vee]]
:[[System Life Cycle Process Models: Iterative]]
:[[Integration of Process and Product Models]]
:[[Lean Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Concept Definition
:[[Concept Definition]]
:[[Business or Mission Analysis]]
:[[Stakeholder Needs and Requirements]]
;Knowledge Area: System Definition
:[[System Definition]]
:[[System Requirements]]
:[[System Architecture]]
:[[Logical Architecture Model Development]]
:[[Physical Architecture Model Development]]
:[[System Design]]
:[[System Analysis]]
;Knowledge Area: System Realization
:[[System Realization]]
:[[System Implementation]]
:[[System Integration]]
:[[System Verification]]
:[[System Validation]]
;Knowledge Area: System Deployment and Use
:[[System Deployment and Use]]
:[[System Deployment]]
:[[Operation of the System]]
:[[System Maintenance]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Engineering Management
:[[Systems Engineering Management]]
:[[Assessment and Control]]
:[[Risk Management]]
:[[Decision Management]]
:[[Configuration Management]]
:[[Information Management]]
:[[Quality Management]]
;Knowledge Area: Product and Service Life Management
:[[Product and Service Life Management]]
:[[Service Life Extension]]
:[[Capability Updates, Upgrades, and Modernization]]
:[[Disposal and Retirement]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Engineering Standards
:[[Systems Engineering Standards]]
:[[Relevant Standards]]
:[[Alignment and Comparison of the Standards]]
:[[Application of Systems Engineering Standards]]
;Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering
;Knowledge Area: Product Systems Engineering
:[[Product Systems Engineering]]
:[[Product Systems Engineering Background]]
:[[Product as a System Fundamentals]]
:[[Business Activities Related to Product Systems Engineering]]
:[[Product Systems Engineering Key Aspects]]
:[[Product Systems Engineering Special Activities]]
;Knowledge Area: Service Systems Engineering
:[[Service Systems Engineering]]
:[[Service Systems Background]]
:[[Fundamentals of Services]]
:[[Properties of Services]]
:[[Scope of Service Systems Engineering]]
:[[Value of Service Systems Engineering]]
:[[Service Systems Engineering Stages]]
;Knowledge Area: Enterprise Systems Engineering
:[[Enterprise Systems Engineering]]
:[[Enterprise Systems Engineering Background]]
:[[The Enterprise as a System]]
:[[Related Business Activities]]
:[[Enterprise Systems Engineering Key Concepts]]
:[[Enterprise Systems Engineering Process Activities]]
:[[Enterprise Capability Management]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems of Systems (SoS)
:[[Systems of Systems (SoS)]]
:[[Architecting Approaches for Systems of Systems]]
:[[Socio-Technical Features of Systems of Systems]]
:[[Capability Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Healthcare Systems Engineering
:[[Healthcare Systems Engineering]]
:[[Overview of the Healthcare Sector]]
:[[Systems Engineering in Healthcare Delivery]]
:[[Systems Biology]]
:[[Lean in Healthcare]]
;Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering
:[[Enabling Systems Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Enabling Businesses and Enterprises
:[[Enabling Businesses and Enterprises]]
:[[Systems Engineering Organizational Strategy]]
:[[Determining Needed Systems Engineering Capabilities in Businesses and Enterprises]]
:[[Organizing Business and Enterprises to Perform Systems Engineering]]
:[[Assessing Systems Engineering Performance of Business and Enterprises]]
:[[Developing Systems Engineering Capabilities within Businesses and Enterprises]]
;Knowledge Area: Enabling Teams
:[[Team Capability]]
:[[Team Dynamics]]
:[[Technical Leadership in Systems Engineering]]
;Knowledge Area: Enabling Individuals
:[[Roles and Competencies]]
:[[Assessing Individuals]]
:[[Developing Individuals]]
:[[Ethical Behavior]]
;Part 6: Related Disciplines
:[[Related Disciplines]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Engineering and Software Engineering
:[[Systems Engineering and Software Engineering]]
:[[Software Engineering in the Systems Engineering Life Cycle]]
:[[The Nature of Software]]
:[[An Overview of the SWEBOK Guide]]
:[[Key Points a Systems Engineer Needs to Know about Software Engineering]]
:[[Software Engineering Features - Models, Methods, Tools, Standards, and Metrics]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Engineering and Project Management
:[[Systems Engineering and Project Management]]
:[[The Nature of Project Management]]
:[[An Overview of the PMBOK® Guide]]
:[[Relationships between Systems Engineering and Project Management]]
:[[The Influence of Project Structure and Governance on Systems Engineering and Project Management Relationships]]
:[[Procurement and Acquisition]]
;Knowledge Area: Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering
:[[Systems Engineering and Specialty Engineering]]
:[[Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability]]
:[[Human Systems Integration]]
:[[Safety Engineering]]
:[[Security Engineering]]
:[[Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility]]
:[[System Resilience]]
:[[Manufacturability and Producibility]]
:[[Environmental Engineering]]
;Part 7: Systems Engineering Implementation Examples
:[[Systems Engineering Implementation Examples]]
;Matrix of Implementation Examples
:[[Matrix of Implementation Examples]]
;Commercial Examples
:[[Complex Adaptive Taxi Service Scheduler]]
:[[Complex Adaptive Project Management System]]
:[[Denver Airport Baggage Handling System]]
:[[Global Positioning System Case Study]]
:[[Global Positioning System Case Study II]]
:[[Next Generation Medical Infusion Pump]]
:[[Medical Radiation]]
:[[Successful Business Transformation within a Russian Information Technology Company]]
;Government Examples
:[[FBI Virtual Case File System]]
:[[Design for Maintainability]]
:[[FAA Advanced Automation System (AAS)]]
:[[Federal Aviation Administration Next Generation Air Transportation System]]
:[[How Lack of Information Sharing Jeopardized the NASA/ESA Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn]]
:[[Hubble Space Telescope]]
:[[Northwest Hydro System]]
:[[Singapore Water Management]]
:[[Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems]]
:[[Successful Business Transformation within a Russian Information Technology Company]]
:[[UK West Coast Route Modernisation Project]]
:[[Virginia Class Submarine]]
;Combined Examples
:[[Applying a Model-Based Approach to Support Requirements Analysis on the Thirty-Meter Telescope]]
:[[Miniature Seeker Technology Integration Spacecraft]]
:[[Standard Korean Light Transit System Vignette]]
[[Category:Books|Part 1]]
[[Category:Books|Part 1]]

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