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(Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, Part 1)
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:[[Cite the SEBoK]]
:[[Cite the SEBoK]]
:[[Bkcase Wiki:Copyright]]
:[[Bkcase Wiki:Copyright]]
;Table of Contents
*Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
**Introduction to the SEBoK
***Scope of the SEBoK
***Structure of the SEBoK
**Introduction to Systems Engineering
***Systems Engineering Overview
***Economic Value of Systems Engineering
***Systems Engineering: Historic and Future Challenges
***Systems Engineering and Other Disciplines
***Introduction to SE Transformation
***Transitioning Systems Engineering to a Model-based Discipline
***Systems Engineering Core Concepts
**SEBoK Users and Uses
***Use Case 0: Systems Engineering Novices
***Use Case 1: Practicing Systems Engineers
***Use Case 2: Other Engineers
***Use Case 3: Customers of Systems Engineering
***Use Case 4: Educators and Researchers
***Use Case 5: General Managers
;Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
;Part 1: SEBoK Introduction
:[[SEBoK Introduction]]
:[[SEBoK Introduction]]

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