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'''New articles to check out:'''  
'''New articles to check out:'''  
*[[Systems Engineering Principles]]
*[[Systems Engineering Principles]]
*Governance structure
*[[Apollo 1 Disaster]]
*[[Apollo 1 Disaster]]

Latest revision as of 21:50, 13 May 2020


Hi there. Welcome to the May 2020 instantiation of the SEBoK. We are now at version 2.2. If you remember, we celebrated our 7th anniversary last update. Well, this update we are celebrating too. In the month of April 2020, we had our 2 millionth visit since we started. And, we have over 4 million page views since we first rolled out the SEBoK! Month over month usage of the SEBoK continues to grow. That could mean that the editorial staff and authors continue to add value to you our stakeholders and customers or it could mean that Systems Engineering is growing around the world, and we are the “go to” location for that information. I choose to believe it is a bit of both. Thank you for continuing to visit the SEBoK, contribute to its content, and to tell others about this resource.

In case you are wondering, here are the top 10 pages visited in April 2020, in order:

  1. Stakeholder Needs and Requirements
  2. System Requirements
  3. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
  4. Types of Systems
  5. Types of Models
  6. System Life Cycle Process Models: Vee
  7. Systems Architecture
  8. Systems Engineering Overview
  9. Life Cycle Models
  10. Logical Architecture Model Development

So, what is new for Version 2.2?

First update, and this is big - notice the IEEE logo on the top of the page has changed from the IEEE Computer Society to the IEEE Systems Council! We are excited to have them onboard and are already coordinating new contributions and participation of IEEE members. Welcome! I'd also like to thank the IEEE Computer Society for all of their guidance and support of the SEBoK since 2013.

Second update – notice that we have updated the organization of Part 7: Implementation Examples. Examples are now aligned with engineering domains. We hope this makes it easier for you to find relevant examples of Systems Engineering in the real world.

Third update – in addition to reorganizing Part 7, we have added an entirely new Part to the SEBoK: Part 8, Emerging Knowledge. Systems Engineering is evolving faster and faster as the world is changing. In Part 8, the SEBoK will endeavor to inform you of trends that are taking root in some of our systems engineering communities. We moved the SE Transformation items from Part 1 to this new part. Additionally, we have added a section for Emerging Research. This is a place to provide pointers to doctoral level systems engineering that has been defended in the recent past.

New articles to check out:

I would like to point out some changes in the editorial organization of the SEBoK. Tom McDermott has agreed to be the Lead Editor for Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering. Nicole Hutchison, our Managing Editor, will become the Lead Editor for Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering. Art Pyster is now the Lead Editor for Part 6: Related Disciplines. And finally, Dan DeLaurentis will become the Lead Editor for the new Part 8: Emerging Knowledge. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to the SEBoK.

OPPORTUNITY: Finally, we continue to look for ways to add some multimedia to the SEBoK. In this update, we have identified some links to relevant YouTube talks that we believe might be of value to you. However, most of that material was intended for something else. I am looking for one or more amateur videographers and hobbyists to produce a number of 3-5 minute videos on systems engineering specifically for the SEBoK. NO AGENDAS. NO PROMOTIONS. NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Just straight talk on a specific topic of systems engineering. Ideally, these will have good quality, good volume, and great content. I am hoping they do not look like they were shot at a conference or in a classroom. If you are up to this challenge, please contact me at: rob@calimar.com. I look forward to your ideas.

THANK YOU for reading this rather lengthy missive. If you would like to contribute an article to the SEBoK, or have an idea for one, please reach out to me – we always need new articles, video, etc. And, I am still in search of a Lead Editor for Part 3: Systems Engineering and Management. Thanks to all for your ongoing support and readership.