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BKCASE Governing Board

The three SEBoK steward organizations – the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE-CS), and the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) provide the funding and resources needed to sustain and evolve the SEBoK and make it available as a free and open resource to all. The stewards appoint the BKCASE Governing Board to be their primary agents to oversee and guide the SEBoK and its companion BKCASE product, GRCSE.

The BKCASE Governing Board includes:

  • INCOSE (past and present)
    • Paul Frenz, Kevin Forsberg, William Miller, David Newbern, David Walden, Courtney Wright
  • IEEE Computer Society
    • Richard Fairley, Ken Nidiffer
  • SERC
    • David Olwell, Art Pyster (Governing Board Chair)

The governors would also like to acknowledge John Keppler, IEEE Computer Society, who has been instrumental in helping the Governors to work within the IEEE CS structure.

The stewards appoint the BKCASE Editor in Chief to manage the SEBoK and GRCSE and oversee the Editorial Board.

Editorial Board

The SEBoK Editorial Board is chaired by an Editor in Chief, supported by a group of Associate Editors.

BKCASE Editor in Chief

Richard D. Adcock

Cranfield University (UK)

SEBoK v. 1.3.1 is the second iteration of the SEBoK published under Rick's leadership. In addition to his duties as EIC, Rick is responsible for the Systems Fundamentals, Systems Science, Systems Thinking, and Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems knowledge areas in Part 2: Systems along with Cihan Dagli.

Each Associate Editor and his/her area(s) of responsibility are highlighted in the table below.

SEBoK Part 1 SEBoK Introduction
Ariela Sofer

George Mason University (USA)

SEBoK Part 2: Systems
Cihan Dagli

Missouri University of Science & Technology (USA)

Dov Dori

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)

Duane Hybertson


Janet Singer (USA)

Responsible for Systems Fundamental knowledge area.

Mike Yearworth

University of Bristol (UK)

SEBoK Part 3: Systems Engineering and Management
Barry Boehm

University of Southern California (USA)

Kevin Forsberg

OGR Systems

Gregory Parnell

University of Arkansas (USA)

Garry Roedler

Lockheed Martin (USA)

Ricardo Valerdi

University of Arizona (USA)

Responsible for the System Realization knowledge. Dr. Valerdi is also developing a new article on Systems Engineering References.

Ken Zemrowski


Responsible for the Systems Engineering Standards knowledge area.

SEBoK Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering
Judith Dahmann

MITRE Corporation (USA)

Michael Henshaw

Loughborough University (UK)

James Martin

The Aerospace Corporation

Supports the Systems Fundamentals and Enterprise Systems Engineering knowledge areas.

SEBoK Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering
Heidi Davidz

Aerojet Rocketdyne (USA)

Emma Sparks

Cranfield University

SEBoK Part 6 Related Disciplines
Alice Squires

Washington State University (USA)

SEBoK Part 7 Systems Engineering Implementation Examples
Brian Sauser

University of North Texas (USA)

Brian White


Editorial Board Support

The Assistant Editor provide general editorial support across all topics and assist with both content improvement and production issues.

BKCASE Assistant Editor
Claus Ballegaard Nielsen

Cranfield University (UK)

The Editorial Board is further supported by the BKCASE staff.

Kate Guillemette

IEEE Computer Society (USA)

Interested in Editing?

The Editor in Chief is looking for additional editors to support the evolution of the SEBoK. Editors are responsible for maintaining and updating one to two knowledge areas, including recruiting and working with authors, ensuring the incorporation of community feedback, and maintaining the quality of SEBoK content. We are specifically interested in support for the following knowledge areas:

If you are interested in being considered for participation on the Editorial Board, please visit the BKCASE website or contact the BKCASE Staff directly at

SEBoK v. 1.9.1 released 30 September 2018

SEBoK Discussion

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If you would like to provide edits on this article, recommend new content, or make comments on the SEBoK as a whole, please see the SEBoK Sandbox.

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