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[[Category:Glossary of Terms]]
[[Category:Glossary of Terms]]
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1. Change Management: The comprehensive evaluation and approval or disapproval of a change that takes into consideration all effects of the change. (Mooz 2003, p 116, 164)

2. Engineering Change: An alteration in the configuration of a configuration item or other desiginated item after formal establishment of its configurement identification. (Kossiakoff 2003, p 448)


Kossiakoff, A., and W. N. Sweet, 2003. Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice, J. Wiley & Sons, New Jersey. p. 448.

Mooz, H., K. Forsberg, and H. Cotterman, 2003. Communicating Project Management, J. Wiley & Sons, New Jersey. p. 116, 164.


Engineering Change Management focuses on technical changes, or the technical aspect of a change, versus the business or budgetary aspect of the change. An engineering change notice is the formal release of an engineering revision to an approved baseline.

SEBoK v. 1.9.1 released 5 October 2018