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The symbols used to express the constructs of a language. (Created for SEBoK)


This definition was developed for the SEBoK.


There is a reference for "Concrete Syntax" in the computing domain:

"The syntax of a language including all the features visible in the source code such as parentheses and delimiters. The concrete syntax is used when parsing the program or other input, during which it is usually converted into some kind of abstract syntax tree (conforming to an abstract syntax).

In communications, concrete syntax is called transfer syntax."

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Denis Howe. (accessed: August 28, 2012).

However, this definition is not directly appropriate as the used in the SEBoK. Consequently, a definition at a higher level of abstraction than the term as used in the computing domain was created.

SEBoK v. 1.9.1 released 30 September 2018

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