A Case for Service Systems Engineering

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Tien, J,M. and Berg, D. 2003. A Case for Service Systems Engineering. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering 12 (1): 13-38.


A primary reference has been identified as the author team as a "key" reference, which is critically important to understanding a given topic. Each article will define a set of no more than 5-10 primary references. The general concept is that if a SEBoK user were to read the article on a topic and the Primary References, he or she would have a firm grasp on the principle concepts related to that article.

EXAMPLE: If this is a primary reference for three articles, the below will be:

The Service View of Engineered Systems

The authors examine services and service systems engineering. They defined a number of unique aspects of services that must be considered when defining and implementing the systems engineering methods for services.

Service Systems Engineering

Annotation for Article 2.

Fundamentals of Services

Annotation for Article 3.

Properties of Services

Annotation for Article 4.